A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Our first Ludum Dare, and it was both fantastic and horrific! We decided to make a cross between Motorsport and Fantasy RPG.

The game: Drive around and make friends with the locals, collect their magical dust to level up and upgrade your car and use your new tools to collect more dust.

Good Luck and have some fun!!

  • Level 25 is max-level, where stuff stops happening.
  • Playing with a controller is recommended.
  • Beware, no in-game volume sliders.

Post Ludum Bugfix Changelog:

-Fmod background music tracks set to streaming caused music to desync

-Car engine sound not playing correctly(prefab settings)

-Rebinded reset button on controller to proper back button (from b button)

Install instructions

Controls described in-game, color selector in pause screen. 


DaintyDeprivationPostLudumBugFix.zip 43 MB
DaintyDeprivationPostLudumDareMac.app.zip 49 MB
DaintyDeprivation V1.zip 42 MB

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